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Jack Gibons_Van Gogh’s Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe, Untitled, 1992 04

Artist Jack Gibbons uses notable paintings by Vincent Van Gogh for conceptual inspiration. With a combination of vintage wrapping paper and acrylic paint, he embellishes texture, pattern, and color in this tribute work.

Cherry Bobin at SUGARCUBE

Cherry Bobin is a fashion wonder out of Québec. Marie-Éve ​​Brouillard takes her slow-fashion brand on an aesthetic journey.


Banks Journal is a multi-seasonal brand, merging style, function, and a little fun, a SUGARCUBE favorite.


From dynamic runway fashion to emerging urban trends DEX Clothing embodies the rhythmic pulse of the moment.

John J. Carlano | Untitled 2013, from Fallout Observations series ( Rose )

Fallout Observations

Formal photographic image invention and notions of permanence

Ace and Everett | Chrysler Building

Socks, made in the USA: Classic patterns seen through a contemporary lens

Jedediah Morfit | Mama's In The Arbor detail

Ancient relief sculpture process draws on collective memories of art history, pop culture and current events

Asbury Park Leather Patch

Asbury Park Clothing Company rocks American-made jeans workwear — an homage to raw denim heritage

Annabelle Buck, Melting, paintings

Femininity, botanicals, and quiet solitude in Annabelle Buck’s paintings

Jack Gibbons Op Art

Jack Gibbons applies his propensity for three-dimensional thinking to this new body of paintings. Seen as both chaotic and precise, textured layers of under-painting and topical rich color mark these conceptual works.

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