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SUGARCUBE — Top fashion destination


Fashion+Product+Art | Estd. 2004

S U G A R C U B E ®  presents contemporary fashion while honoring classic design. This journal features original content, stories and exclusive interviews behind our American and International clothing, accessory and product collection. Established and emerging designers alike produce these coveted brands of distinction. Philadelphia visual artists are illuminated—enjoy!

About  S U G A R C U B E ®


Jedediah Morfit Sculpture
This legless high-relief fencer, tethered to a late Gothic inspired arbor, is a protector, a cartoon defender of perceived civility. Mama’s In The Arbor is a glamorized heroine seen as both elegant and fierce, reaching beyond the roots of violence from which fencing grew as a sport…

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Asbury Park Clothing Company
Most brands create a jean and a fit and then go about figuring out who and what it represents. I’d like to say I had that all figured out before I stitched a jean but in actuality it was there all along… Asbury was just waiting for someone to bring it to life as a denim brand.

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Annabelle Buck paintings at Sugarcube
I‘m interested in capturing small moments; a fading expression, quiet solitude, a daydream. Much of my work explores the struggle between the material world and the natural world…

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Katherine Fraser Artist
Life often strikes me as a string of moments, like a series of film stills, in which we observe ourselves. I paint people experiencing these moments of profound self-awareness and growth; when the rest of the world drops away and we are left bare…

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Nikolay Milushev
Born in Haskovo, Nikolay Milushev is a Bulgarian artist whose complex paintings and drawings combine pop imagery and illustrative art with fanciful realism. Available for purchase are works from his VIRTUAL MILLENNIUM and YOMI – T.G.M.B. collections.

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Michelle Kim Studio
Michelle Kim, her namesake, reflects inspirations for original designs that are both urban and feminine. She strikes a balance between utility and joy. Expect signature colors, silhouettes and patterns…


Against Nudity Sunglasses Collection
Feminine yet minimal, Against Nudity’s chic contemporary designs emphasize craft and detailing. Whether you are wearing one of their signature dresses, tailored jackets or fashionable sunglasses, Against Nudity encourages you to embrace everyday as if it’s your first.

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Left on Houston
Left on Houston flaunts a skillful lucidity to seasonal sweater design and methods of manufacturing. From structured bodies to delicate frames, their wide-range of modern and sophisticated styles blend soft cashmere with silk and cotton.