Sugarcube® presents The Portland Collection!

Having brought American heritage company Pendleton to the Philadelphia region back in 2007, Sugarcube® proudly showcases this sophisticated and modern line.


“We were hoping something like this would happen! Back in 2007 Pendleton was under the radar, but the fit for Sugarcube® and our customer was undeniable. Bringing Pendleton to the Philadelphia region was our foremost mission as we saw the underlying progressive nature of the company and the dedication to American heritage, to America’s ‘original collaboration’ with Native American tribes. Those primary ingredients help fuel Pendleton as a sought after brand, as an American brand both trustworthy and genuine. –Many brands now collaborate but surely they did it first as a business model!

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a century-old Pacific Northwest company, has joined with Portland-based designers to create Pendleton, The Portland Collection. This new label incorporates the vision of Mort Bishop, president of Pendleton, and a team of three designers; Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk and John Blasioli. They bring a “strong love of independent fashion as well as the spirit of Pendleton,” according to Nathaniel Crissman.

He adds, “We looked to classic Pendleton fabrics as the foundation for the collection.” The Harding jacquard pattern, an anchor for Pendleton blankets for decades, inspired many of the pieces. “We’ve aimed to create a sophisticated and modern line using authentic Pendleton fabrics; our intent is to make it exciting, wearable and relevant.”

The team immersed themselves in the company’s history and rich archives. “The archives allowed us to tap into Pendleton’s heritage while bringing our point of view to the brand. Working with Pendleton has been a dream come true,” says Nathaniel. “We’ve always looked to them for fabrics for our own lines and imagined the possibilities of a collection like this…now it’s really happening.”

This is an extraordinary coming together,” says Mort Bishop. “We will benefit from the innovation of these young designers and they will benefit from the experience of the brand. We are putting the power of our brand behind them and the result is nothing short of spectacular.”

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