Daisy Linhares is a Brazilian designer based in Venice-CA.

Her initial experience as a fashion designer began while still living in Brazil, mixing fabric with crochet and hand knitting to craft her one of a kind pieces.

Fashion has always been her passion, so in 2002, she started creating tops made from old rock and novelty t-shirts as a hobby. They turned out to be a success among her friends and interesting boutiques in LA. She named the line “Mothballs” and continued to work with recycled goods; this time with vintage cashmere sweaters to make her unique, handmade garments. They sold all over the US and UK.

In 2006, she started “breadandbutter”, a line of jersey tops and dresses made for everyday wear; combining comfort, style and versatility.

“Looking at the fast pace life style in which we live in today, getting dressed shouldn’t be time consuming; it should be simple and straight forward”.