Sugarcube | Vintage Snake Skin Shoes

BUYER’S NOTE: My personal take on vintage shoes…aside from the great value…and the “one of a kind” appeal is the undeniable distinctive “cuts”. Today’s modern shoe/silhouettes look good in print and on the runway but often does not hold up for the real person to wear. A vintage pump has a way of being sexy and cool without being three inches and up, which in turns allows the wearers to carry themselves better and own the shoe more. Not to mention the added benefit of transcending trends. –Flats are also great! But when the average female is 5 feet and under sometimes a flat just won’t cut it and stilettos are way over the top.

These mid-heel pumps in an array of colors and textures can be worn with skinny jeans, trouser shorts, slouchy pants, and with most any length skirt for timeless confidence.