Sugarcube presents The Andean Collection — fashion forward designs for a greener planet. This vivid collection provides a path out of poverty for artisans using fair-trade principles. In addition to being paid fair wages, their artisans share in the profits of the company as partial owners.  

These fresh necklaces and bracelets are hand-made out of sustainably harvested South American rainforest and lowland seeds in Pucara, Ecuador.


Olga Lucia Morán, Olga Lucia Morán & Cesar Yamberia, Nancy Morán & Carlos Salazar, Christian Roamán & Viviana Cruzatty

Açaí (ah-sai-ee)

The beautifully colored Açaí seeds of the Acaipalm are gathered raw and then pigmented. The fruit surrounding the seed, sustainably harvested for food and often served as a beverage, has gained global fame in recent years due to its high antioxidant and energizing properties. The commercialization of these seeds allows both farmers and artisans to make livable wages.

Tagua (tahg-wah)

The Tagua nut grows from regenerative pods, which emerge from the palms’ trunks. The pods are removed from the palm and the sun for 3-5 months before they are ready to be carved into jewelry.

Pambil (pam-beel)

Pambil seeds come from one of the grandest palms of SOuth America. The Pambil palm is an essential resource for the Quichua culture of Peru and Ecuador. Its wood is used for constructing houses. lances, bows, and blowpipes, and the leaves are woven into roofs and native huts.