The Iwona Ludyga Design company was founded in early summer of 2005. Since then from each new collection versatile lines emerge. Some are full of color, incorporating various combinations of thread, ribbons and chain. Others are uniquely feminine with beaded clusters of beautiful stones. Delicate gold pieces and the big bold crystals. In every collection, there is a line which derives it’s source from Iwona’s first passion: knitting. She often explores different possibilities with crocheting or knitting multiple chains. The effect is both soft and delicate.

Iwona ludyga was born in communist Poland in 1971. With little opportunities to buy the latest fashions she was forced at an early age to flex her creative and artistic muscles. Iwona studied classical music but spent most of her free time creating intricate knitwear pieces. Her first hobby turned into a full-grown business when she moved to US.

Overwhelmed with all the opportunities that New York had to offer, Iwona branched out to other forms of self-expression. She studied dance at The Martha Graham School, took pottery classes at Parsons and worked as a news anchor for a polish TV station in New York. In those years of exploration she also took goldsmith classes. Soon, making jewelry become her main focus and biggest passion. First for herself and later for others, she started creating her line. In a short time her designs were in demand from fashion editors and her ever growing clientele.