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Rebecca Prusinowski
Blog Editorial: January 2, 2011

“Get thee to Sugarcube® if you’re in town! I was browsing their goods for over 2 hours. Their vintage hits the sweet spot: unique, great condition, priced to move. I settled on an unusual plaid poncho featuring a slight collar – literally wore it out of the store…”

Rebecca Prusinowski is a style writer and creative consultant based in New York. An editorial contributor at PAPER Magazine, Rebecca has served as their Shop of the Week columnist online at papermag.com and contributes regular fashion, retail, arts and nightlife stories. She’s contributed to luxury and global style website susantabak.com, and was one of the first contributing writers at racked.com–a popular website owned by the Curbed Network–about shopping, neighborhood stores and the retail scene in New York.

Blog Editorial: December 31, 2010

“Opened in 2004, Sugarcube® is located in the fashionable and historic Old City area of Philadelphia and the store’s aesthetic does a good job of merging modern trends with a vintage feel. The floor and ceiling in the shop are made of great looking hardwood and the store’s name is scrawled in huge letters across the exposed brick wall. The lamps, artwork and displays all serve to accentuate this new-meets-old feel and the end result is a beautiful looking retail space.

On the racks sits a blend of contemporary fashion and vintage clothing which is something we rarely encounter. Trend-wise, Sugarcube is on point. Among our favorite brands in stock are- Pendleton, A.P.C., Levi’s XX, Rogues Gallery and Dunderdon. The vintage selection is not to be ignored either, we really liked the jewelry on display…”

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Worn in Love
Sarah S.
Blog Editorial: June 27, 2010

“Many boutiques line the historic streets of Old City, but Sugarcube® has truly found a way to stand out. Upon entering you’re most likely to be in awe of the warm and inviting vibes that stem directly from the layout and decor.

There are a great variety of designers carried in Sugarcube, but I have been particularly excited to see APC, Steven Alan, Dunderdon and Pendleton items. Each of these brands has an aesthetic similar to that of Sugarcube® as a whole. They create versatile items that can be worn in a variety of ways that accentuate a man or woman’s personal style…”

Worn in love was created to feature great fashion on the Philadelphia landscape– whether it be shops, designers, or notable street fashion. there is a wealth of inspiration and interpretation that can be derived from editorials and fashion shows, translated into a daily outfit, and influence one’s style.