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Reader’s Choice Award 2014: Best Shopping Cities in the World

Philadelphia No.2 – Sugarcube cited as top Philadelphia fashion destination.

Barcelona, PHILADELPHIA, Hong Kong, Chicago, Dublin, San Francisco, Madrid, Honolulu, Rome, Portland, Florence, Austin, Istanbul, Seattle, Bangkok, Houston, London, New Orleans, Tokyo, Charleston, Cape Town, Santa Fe, Paris, New York City

Caitlin Morton, Editorial Coordinator
January 03, 2015

It’s no surprise that Condé Nast Traveler’s readers are a fashionable bunch, and have serious opinions on which cities in the world are super-stylish. These 24 spots made the cut as the world’s best cities for shopping, whether you’re looking for antiques, high-end couture, or the perfect vintage dress.”

Philadelphia ranks number two by over 77,000 readers. The top fashion destination is Sugarcube and top furniture showroom is Minima. Old City’s ‘bevy of shops’ on North 3rd Street are generally noted along with nearby food destination, Reading Terminal Market.

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Wallpaper* City Guides present a tightly edited, discreetly package list of the best a location has to offer the design-conscious traveler. Sugarcube is featured in this precise, informative, insider’s checklist of all you need to know about the world’s most intoxicating cities. In short, these guides act as a passport to the best the world has to offer.

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GQ Magazine

The Best Restaurants, Bars, Stores and Hotels in America: Philadelphia City Guide 2013

Cites Sugarcube® as a thrumming trail blazer of fashion.

October 2011 Print Edn.

Way back in 2004, before the New York Times claimed Philly as the “Sixth Borough”, Sugarcube trail blazed its way through the thicket of street wear to create an outpost of sensible, fashionable clothing. Still thrumming a decade later, the co-ed shop carries a solid list of GQ-approved brands, all in a space with a sexy hunting lodge vibe. This is where you’ll find the biggest selection of clothing you’d actually buy, so make this an early stop on the trip before you run out of money.”


Vertu® City Brief

Philadelphia Shopping

Sugarcube® solely represented Philadelphia’s best shopping destination


Vertu City Brief was an independently written series of guides available in 200 destinations, each carefully curated and automatically presented to their Vertu phone subscriber base when they arrive at select locations. It provided helpful advice and suggestions on where to eat, drink and visit during their stay. Vertu was an icon recognized as the pinnacle of mobile phone excellence worldwide, created for the world’s most demanding individuals.


CNBC + TOBE Report

10 Best Cities for Shopping:
Hong Kong, Austin, Paris, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, New York, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Milan

Cites Sugarcube® as top Philadelphia fashion destination.

MAY 16, 2012

CNBC spoke with a team of editors at Tobe Report, a trend forecasting firm that has been analyzing the retail industry for more than 80 years. To choose the world’s best cities for shopping, the analysts at Tobe compared a variety of city characteristics, as well as what the location had to offer in terms of the ultimate shopping experience. Also included is expert insight on where to find the latest fashions and bargains, along with a listing of their favorite neighborhood shops.

“Philadelphia is a playground for history buffs, with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall just two of the must-see sights. But between the historical offerings there are plenty of places to shop. Ciranni says the City of Brotherly Love offers everything from high end merchandise to locally produced products. There’s also an added bonus — no sales tax on clothing and shoes.

Check out: Old City is not only home to Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House, it also has a wide array of stores. There are art galleries, hip boutiques, new-age designs stores and vintage shops. Ciranni suggests paying a visit to Sugarcube, which sells designer goods and vintage frocks.”



Philadelphia: Sugarcube®, 3 Stars – exceptional rating

16th Edn. 2010-current
15th Edn. 2009

Not all of us are ready to invest seriously in fashion, but this Old City vintage-meets-new sure makes me want to. Owner Elisa Burrato — official candidate for friendliest Philadelphian — traffics in A.P.C., Veena, Wrangler, awesome one-of-a-kind jewelry, amazingly perfect secondhand cowboy boots, bright pumps, Prada sweaters, and dressy dress-ups. Most of all, she’s awesome at summing up styles.”


Visit Philadelphia: The official visitor site for Greater Philadelphia.

Regional spotlight: Sugarcube®

Lovers of cutting-edge fashion (and motorcycles) will find much to adore at Sugarcube®. Elisa is the friendly owner of Sugarcube, a vintage-meets-new boutique that truly gets it. Buratto combines mint-condition butterfly tops, keyhole dresses and cashmere sweaters with the latest styles from Steven Alan and A.P.C. — and the results are nothing short of amazing. (Don’t forget to look beneath the racks for classic pumps and sandals.)”

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Condé Nast

Editor’s Pick: Philadelphia Shopping – Sugarcube


Elisa, formerly the vintage buyer for Philadelphia-founded Urban Outfitters, is the experienced eye behind this vintage-lover’s closet. She knows just how to combine new designs with a strong selection of mint-condition finds like cocktail dresses, belts, eyeglass frames, bags, and shoes.”


She Knows

Top shopping destinations in the United States

5 Retail-friendly Cities to Visit:
Scottsdale, Dallas, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Portland

Katarina Kovacevic
July 20, 2011

Two words: tax-free. Yes, the City of Brotherly Love knows how to treat a fashionista right. In the spirit of Philly, the highlight here is the city’s string of independently operated shops. Some of the best are in the Second and Third Street corridors between Old City and Northern Liberties, where a once-sketchy neighborhood has been spruced up with high-rise condos and boutiques like Denim Society and SUGARCUBE. Owned by an ex-Urban Outfitters employee, Sugarcube sells pieces from Steven Alan, Saja and other arty designers.”

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We Jet Set: City Notes

Contemporary Vintage

The Print Publication: Philadelphia
Travel Chronicles – The Video Series: Philadelphia

Travel Chronicles is an editorial feature for wejetset’s online magazine. Through an open and casual conversation it highlights how travel has shaped the talents, perspectives and experiences of creative and business professionals worldwide.


We Jet Set: The Weekly News Letter

Philadelphia Fashion

December 2, 2007

Sugarcube® has quickly become a favorite clothing boutique in Philadelphia. Nestled in the side streets of Olde City, Sugarcube offers a mix of vintage and modern clothing and accessories for men and women that will leave you wanting more…”


Where® Magazine

Philadelphia Sweet Spot


This eclectic, brick-walled boutique Sugarcube® might seem like a retail anomaly, with of-the-moment designer collections and decades-old vintage under one roof. But the shop is pitch-perfect for Old City’s hipster sensibilities. This fall, gals can pair Frock! by Tracy Reese dresses with retro pumps while guys can snap up old-school Members Only leather jackets. Or browse for a vintage shirt in this season’s in-demand plaid. The owner, who majored in fine arts before turning to fashion, approaches clothing with a “curatorial” eye. I think of designers as artists, and our store is like a gallery space.” guides

Eat.Shop Philadelphia

2nd Print Edn. 2009 (final edition)
1st Print Edn. 2007 Philadelphia and the entire city series highlights one-of-kind, worth going out-of-the-way to visit, independently owned local businesses. Smaller is better!

“It might be hard to find a store in the city that has more adoring fans than Sugarcube®. With good reason too: Elisa rocks. Her mix of new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories complement each other perfectly, and even for those who are simply browsing, it’s pleasure enough to walk around and be inspired by Sugarcube’s cool factor. I was never a member of the various fan clubs that my friends were in when we were growing up, not even for the New Kids on the Block, but with A.P.C., Lyell and Steven Alan intermingling all in one store, I am officially enrolling in this club of fans.”