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Having brought American heritage company Pendleton to the Philadelphia region back in 2007, Sugarcube now showcases this sophisticated and modern line for men and women.


Pendleton’s dynamic blanket pattern re-created in a super-sized towel for beach, poolside or hot tub – or an instantly luxurious bathroom. Thirsty cotton velour is an ideal canvas for their Native American-inspired designs. READ MORE

Limited edition Pendleton Cruisers make the ultimate style statement –classic Worksman bicycles, with frames and mudguards completely wrapped in the beautiful Pendleton Chief Joseph pattern. Two American companies with roots from the 1890′s… Women | Men

The Pendleton shirt continues its success with plaids, tartans and ombres that are unmatched in style, color and quality. Nothing else looks like a Pendleton and nothing else wears like a Pendleton.

Pendleton | Caps | Cotton | s/m, l/xl

Christys' Crown Series | Straw | Paper

Christys' Crown Series | Straw | Paper

Christys' Crown Series | Straw | Paper

Coal | Baseball Caps

Pendleton | Oil Cloth

Christys' Crown Series | Paper

Pendleton Wallets