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Rich Sandomeno’s hands-on approach to jewelry making is in part influenced by his prior career as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic. The other is his up-bringing in post-industrial northeast New Jersey.

Raw aesthetics at the intersection of organic and industrial makes each of his hand-finished works unique. Cast in either New York or Los Angeles. ––In 2002, Rich launched his company, SPRAGWERKS.

“Before I started making jewelry, I’d be in all these places no one else sees – inside a drawbridge or the belly of a boat. I was enamored with what I saw, and translating that into jewelry was an easy transition for me. When somebody wants my work to represent them, that’s inspiring. It’s about that kind of connection – that’s what keeps me going as a designer.”

Today, SPRAGWERKS designs are favored by many Hollywood luminaries, and can be spotted on numerous commercials, tv shows, music videos, and movies. SPRAGWERKS has been featured in countless magazines and publications including Vogue, Nylon, Inked Magazine, Juxtapoz, and Time Out New York, to name a few.

‘First to Offer’ in the Philadelphia region.