Since 1999

Affordable and Stylish Eyewear for men and women. Spitfire is driven by design, expressed through the constant evolution of the urban aesthetic. Without movement comes stagnation, and that pushes Spitfire ever forward to create eyewear that expresses a truly modern sensibility.

First to Offer’ in the Philadelphia region.


Design is dissatisfaction.

The progress of all culture is driven by dissatisfaction, and that is at the heart of the Spitfire design ethos – Dissatisfaction with existing eyewear and dissatisfaction with conventional design thinking. It is these dissatisfactions that drive them.

Design is free of place.

Spitfire is comprises of a design team based in London who draws on the whole spectrum of European influences, and distills them into something global. Spitfire takes its inspiration from modern and classic design movements to create eyewear with a post-modern identity all of its own.

Design is evolution.

Spitfire believes that influences and inspiration do not necessarily happen by season, so they design throughout the year. Their range is constantly refreshing and evolving.

Spitfire started designing sunglasses in the UK in 1999, and has since gained a dedicated following.

Their UK success culminated in the launch of an exclusive range for the ‘Top Shop’ department stores throughout the country in 2004. Spitfire launched in the US in 2002 and has since captured the heart of the boutique market with representation in the most exclusive stores across the US, including ‘Fred Segal’ in Santa Monica, ‘Flying A’ in New York, ‘Oak’ in Brooklyn, ‘Villains Vault’ in San Francisco and now ‘Sugarcube’ in Philadelphia. Their presence has also extended throughout Europe and Asia, where we can be found in stores including the prestigious ‘Le Bon Marche’ Paris, ‘Beams’ Tokyo and ‘United Arrows’ Tokyo.