Sugarcube offers Christys’ Crown collection of hats in a select range, emphasizing a modern world within a stylistically proven heritage.


Christys’ Crown series offers unique patterns, diverse trims and great colour combinations in a number of impressive silhouettes including caps, fedoras, trilbys and duckbills and featuring open weaves, bold stripes and lively plaids – all constructed impeccably with Christys’ detailing and care.

Miller Christy, the founder of the Christy dynasty set up his first manufacturing unit in Whitehart Court in London in 1773. Six reigns of royals and eight generations of the Christy family have forged the brand of Christys’ London since its foundation over 200 years ago.

Today the house of Christys’ is the only company in the world still making high quality top hats and bowlers in the traditional way, using hatting skills established over 200 years ago. Their contemporary collections, like the Christys’ Crown brings a certain flair and vibrancy to their tried and true heritage.