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Williamsburg Garment Company
Denim Work Shirt
Vintage look Naval Work Shirt with Metal Piping
Cone Mills Raw 8.75 oz. Denim
Slim Fit

Slim tailored fit, rigid denim shirt. In general, the fit description is Slim in body with Narrow Arms, no pleats at cuff for tailored look arms. This Shirt has covered METAL PIPING at cuffs, collar and center button plackets. Added quilted stitching at CHEST and COLLAR with indigo dyed thread will provide beautiful detail as the shirt ages and fades. Other details include stealthy EYE POCKET at side seam and PEN POCEKTS.

This Shirt is 8.75 oz 3X1 RHT RAW DENIM, unwashed with slightly stiff hand feel but easy to break in. If you choose to wash the shirt, expect about 5% shrinkage. However, Raw Denim is best when worn for a long period of time before washing. This way you can form your own natural whiskers, wrinkles and unique worn areas.


First to offer nationally. Exclusive to the Philadelphia Region.


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