The rebellious youth culture of the 1950’s brought to the foreground icons such as Marlon Brando, and gave denim, and in particular the 501® jeans, an iconic status.

The 1955–501® jean had a true 1950’s shape. With more “anti-silhouette”. That, combined with a tough and flexible fabric, made for a rough moody look that urban youth had begun to adopt. They were the first 501® jeans to bear leather-like Two Horse label, but the Levi’s® big “E” red Tab, copper rivets remained standard issue. Like its predecessor from 1947, the 1955-501 had belt loops as the only method of waist adjustment, hidden rivets on the back pockets and zinc buttons on the fly. The Levi’s embroidery on the red Tab became two-sided. While the zinc button fly was still the norm, retailers carried both the 501® and its zippered brother, the 501Z®.

1967 505® JEAN BOY
1944 501® JEAN
1947 501® JEAN
1967 505® JEAN


Design Details
Button Fly
2 back pockets with covered rivets
Two Horse leather– like patch
“E” red Tab
Double needle Arcuate
Red selvage Cone Mills Fabric

‘First to Offer’ in the Philadelphia region.
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