To celebrate 90 years as a clothing manufacturer, Farah has created ‘1920’ – a new premium capsule collection that revives the company’s remarkable back catalogue.


Astonishing history

Founded in 1920 in El Paso, Texas, Farah has an astonishing history. Starting with its first product, the chambray shirt, Farah developed into a garment manufacturer producing workwear for millions of Americans and uniforms for the US Military. Post-War Farah became a rival to the denim giants in jeans-making, and helped fuel casual clothing culture in America and the world. By the 1970s, Farah was an international name in clothing manufacture.

Limited edition

The new ‘1920’ line distills Farah’s heritage into an extraordinary capsule collection comprising of: chambray workshirts, wool/cotton undershirts, army chinos, pea coats, duffel coats, CPO shirts (rugged shirt-jackets), work jackets, selvage denim jeans, hand-knit zip cardigans, slim-cut twill pants, slim-cut oxford button-downs and polo shirts. These exquisite vintage reproductions are strictly limited edition: 90 of each design will be available in stores from Fall 2010.


Each piece is key in the Farah archive, dating from the 1920s through to the 1960s. Materials and details are faithful to the original pieces, creating an authentic testimonial to the incredible heritage of this iconic manufacturer.

Meticulous detail has been put into the packaging and labeling of the ‘1920’ collection. Original paper-dyed labels go into 1920s chambray shirts, branded “El Paso, Texas”. Army-specification chinos and pea coats carry military department cotton labels marked with model numbers used by American servicemen of the 1940s. The famous button-down shirts, slim cut twill pants and polo shirts from the 1960s Mod-era all bear flat-sealed labels – signing off the collection.


David Ward, Managing Director, says:
Farah was born in the 1920s and for the first 50 years it manufactured workwear, military clothing as well as casual clothing. Come the 1970s, Farah manufacturing moved exclusively into the casual clothing market and emerged as a household name thanks to its hopsack trouser: an icon of the age, adopted and celebrated by some of the UK’s most vocal and vibrant sub-cultures both then and now. Farah’s 90-year anniversary has provided the spark-point to revisit the history, and to show off the unrivalled heritage of the Farah brand.

1920′s Chambray Work Shirt
1930′s CPO Shirt
1953 Selvage Denim Jeans
1953 Work Jacket
1957 Handknit Zip Cardigan
Oxford Shirt – c. 1962