Cash Crop Clothing is a LA based Men’s contemporary brand focusing on fit and construction.

Taking it back to basics with timeless color palettes and traditional staple pieces for any man’s wardrobe. The vision behind Cash Crop Clothing was to create an eco-friendly, fashion forward men’s line. CCC realized there was a gap for the eco-conscience gentleman, In order to be eco-friendly they had to shop at outdoors stores, with untailored fits and an unappealing look overall. Yet to look and feel great you had to buy product that was not focused at all on making a positive carbon footprint in the environment. With this thought process birthed Cash Crop Clothing in 2009.

Staying centered on the fundamentals of design, Cash Crop Clothing offers a concrete selection of pieces ranging from wovens, outerwear including neutral pea coats and trench coats, flat front bottoms, above-the-knee shorts, tees, sweaters and more. Staying true to traditional men’s wear using ginghams, stripes, solids, and a selection of earth tones. Focusing first on the design and filling it with a textile that is appropriate.

Using recycled wools, Bleach free wools, Recycled plastic, Recycled Polly and of course organic cottons, Cash Crop Clothing is working hard to offer a wide selection of everyday wear for the everyday gentleman.