Soludos are based on the traditional espadrilles that have been sold in the markets and on beaches in the Mediterranean for centuries. They started with the essential ingredients — a natural jute sole and breathable cotton upper, and added some of their own touches for more comfort and a better fit.

‘First to Offer’ in the Philadelphia region. 

The natural eco-friendly jute sole is woven and tightly bound to create a sole that breathes.

The cotton upper makes a shoe that’s comfortable to wear and appropriate for all occasions.

Like a great pair of jeans, Soludos will stretch to fit so buy them a little tight so they relax as you relax

A thin rubber helps protect your shoe should you have an unfortunate run in with a summer shower.

You can wear them with the backs up or down, with shorts or jeans, at the beach or at the restaurant.

SOLUDOS are for the SUN, not the rain. Keep them dry.
Rain can put a dampener on any summer day and our Jute sole, though damn comfortable, just does not mix well with water. So avoid the rain (we suggest a game of Twister) and make sure you take them off before skinny dipping. For many reasons you will thank us.

SOLUDOS are for CHILLING, not for working out.
We love activities but we know that some activities are more active than others. Soludos will hold up just fine but there is no need to test them. Save them for when you really want to play.