Here in the United States, we love to quantify and qualify all sorts of matters. The fashion industry is no exception. From numerous ‘Best of Philly’ to ‘Better than Best’ praise, Sugarcube in the end is simply a lifestyle store providing interesting fashion, product, and art in a relaxed setting to appreciative customers.   —SUGARCUBE®


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Mirror, Mirror: Welcome to Philadelphia, City of Shopping

Elizabeth Wellington, Fashion Columnist
January 21, 2015

Shortly after the new year, Condé Nast Traveler ranked Philadelphia the No. 2 shopping city in the world. I repeat, the world. It said our Reading Terminal Market and Third Street independents – namely clothing boutique Sugarcube and sleek furniture shop Minima – boasted better shopping than Hong Kong or Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

The only burg that outranked Philly on the 24-city list – based on an online survey of 77,000 readers and information compiled by Traveler’s blog coordinator – was Barcelona, Spain.”

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Visit Philadelphia

22 Philadelphia Attractions Making Headlines in 2015 – Sugarcube makes the list

Visit the attractions, restaurants and destinations that have the nation talking

Philadelphia enjoyed some spectacular press in the first month of 2015. The New York Times ranked the city #3 (the highest-ranked U.S. city) on its coveted list of “52 Places to Go in 2015” ; Condé Nast Traveler said that the city is “rising through the ranks as a U.S. shopping destination;” and Travel + Leisure declared it among “11 of the world’s most compelling food capitals.”

In all this press praise, 22 Philly locations enjoyed major kudos. Visitors planning their Philadelphia trips would do well to heed the writers’ expert advice. Tip: Take a few vacation days; there’s a lot to do.

Condé Nast Traveler: The Best Shopping Cities in the World

Reading Terminal Market, SUGARCUBE®, Minima

A spacious store and small, coveted labels (A.P.C., Farrah 1953, Dunderdon, Left on Houston, BLKSMTH) make for a well-edited men’s and women’s boutique.
GQ gave its nod of approval by including Sugarcube in its Philadelphia GQ City Guide, and Condé Nast Traveler continued the acclaim in 2015 by listing it as one of the highlights on Philadelphia’s shop-heavy North 3rd Street.


The New York Times: 52 Places to Go in 2015
Dilworth Park, Spruce Street Harbor, Race Street Pier, Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, Indego – Philly Bike Share

Travel + Leisure: The Best New Restaurants
Serpico, Dizengoff, Abe Fisher, High Street on Market

GQ: Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015
Laurel, Lo Spiedo

Thrillist: The 40 Biggest US Cities, Ranked by Their Food
Federal Donuts, Pat’s King of Steaks, Geno’s Steaks, PYT, Vetri, The Italian Market

Condé Nast Traveler: The Best Shopping Cities in the World
Reading Terminal Market, SUGARCUBE®, Minima

The Huffington Post: 15 LGBT Must-Dos in 2015
Independence Hall

The Huffington Post: 10 Top Places to Pop the Question in Northeast US
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens




Black Enterprise

World’s 6 Best Shopping Cities: Philadelphia, Hong Kong, New York, London, Dubai, Paris

Cites Sugarcube® for fashion – representing Philadelphia.

Kandia Johnson, Global Contributor and Lifestyle Writer
April 13, 2015

If you don’t mind taking a road trip or hopping on a plane to do some serious shopping, the world is your playground… To help you get started planning an itinerary based on art, food and shopping, here are some cities to consider.

Beyond the usual suspects like New York and Paris, Philadelphia boasts a variety of shops around North Third Street, like Sugarcube…”

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GQ Magazine

Philly Without Cheese

Mark Byrne, GQ Style Contributor
October 2011 Edn.

No, Philadelphia has not suddenly turned into Miami. But you’ll find stores that get it right, kick-ass BYO restaurants, and bars that care more about local craft beers than the Eagles game. Call it Philly’s awakening.

Sugarcube: No, the mid-century motorcycle in the middle of the store isn’t for sale. But with the stacks of Pendleton and Steven Alan shirts and the smartly edited vintage racks in back, you’ll do all right.”

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Philadelphia Magazine

Best of Philly 2019: Men’s Denim

Each pair of jeans here has a little something special. Asbury Park Clothing Company’s options have Springsteen-rocker flair (Alice Cooper’s a fan); Williamsburg Garment Company’s raw versions are exclusive to this shop; and the ones from DU/ER are stretchy and breathable — bike commuters, take note.”

Philadelphia Magazine changed their “Best of Philly” and fashion editorial direction as of late 2012-2018. 

Best of Philly 2012: Men’s Casual Clothing

Label-loving guys can get seriously dudded-out in brands like Levi’s Vintage, Dunderdon and Drifter. Selvedge denim here practically goes by the yard, and the well-curated vintage racks guarantee one-of-a-kind style.”

Best of Philly 2009: Mark Your Calendar Sale, Fashion

You love SUGARCUBE. You love Third Street Habit. Twice a year (once in summer, once in winter), they merge inventories into various Old City spaces, mark them down to gasp-inducing prices, and, in one gluttonous shopping event, open their communal doors for the public to have at it. Sharpen your elbows, ladies. We saw those jodhpurs first.”

Best of Philly 2006: Sweet Feet for the Vintage Lover

You know about SUGARCUBE’s APC jeans, Hengst tops and Lambs & Crows dresses. But did you know this Old City shop is the best source of gently worn purple pumps and white cowboy boots?”

Best of Philly 2005: Vintage Accessories

Elisa’s new funky-yet-minimalist Old City boutique carries contemporary, independent-minded designers like Unis and Saja. But our heart belongs to her expertly curated collection of timeless extras: beaded or silk clutches, wide slung belts, and well-preserved metallic pumps and heels.”


Philadelphia Magazine: GPhilly

Best of GPhilly 2012: Women’s Store

For girls who dress like boys (sometimes). The men’s department is very unisex-friendly, with stylish brands like Pendleton, Big Star and Levi’s Vintage.”

Philadelphia Magazine changed their “Best of Philly” editorial direction as of late 2012.

Best of GPhilly 2011: Girls’ and Boys’ Clothes

We can’t walk into SUGARCUBE without wanting something, whether it’s vintage or new. Most recently: the black braided malachite bracelet by Ian Lander.”


Thrillist: 2009-2012

Each weekday, Thrillist drops you a must-have recommendation, from the best of what’s new, to deeply under-the-radar goodness.

Thrillist changed their editorial direction as of late 2012.

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She Knows

Top shopping destinations in the United States

5 Retail-friendly Cities to Visit:
Scottsdale, Dallas, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Portland

Katarina Kovacevic
July 20, 2011

Two words: tax-free. Yes, the City of Brotherly Love knows how to treat a fashionista right. In the spirit of Philly, the highlight here is the city’s string of independently operated shops. Some of the best are in the Second and Third Street corridors between Old City and Northern Liberties, where a once-sketchy neighborhood has been spruced up with high-rise condos and boutiques like Denim Society and SUGARCUBE. Owned by an ex-Urban Outfitters employee, Sugarcube sells pieces from Steven Alan, Saja and other arty designers.”

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Philadelphia Weekly

The Portland Collection Comes to Philly

Nicole Finkbiner, PW Style Editor
August 17, 2011

Always on the fashion pulse, it was back in 2007 that the urban-chic Old City boutique, Sugarcube first brought the designs of the American heritage company, Pendleton Woolen Mills to Philly. Now that Pendleton has recently joined forces with Portland-based designers to create “The Portland Collection,” Sugarcube is pleased to announce that they’ll be unveiling the contemporary hybrid line this fall.

“The collection, which is described as “Neo Navajo,” includes both men, women and shared pieces—many inspired by their Harding jacquard pattern—as well as two special blankets.

While obviously, the whole Native American-inspired trend is HUGE right now, the colors, patterns and fabric that Pendleton uses for it’s pieces are far more authentic than most (not to mention that the company has been making all their items right here in the USA at their Northwest mill, for over a century).

Currently, Sugarcube’s Pendleton inventory includes everything from towels, blankets and wallets to leather blanket carriers, carry-along motor robes and the most bangin’ limited-edition women’s cruiser bike I’ve ever laid eyes on.”


Philadelphia Weekly

Better Than Best 2011: Best Shop to Buy Hipster Heritage Brands

PW Staff

A few years ago, American Heritage brands came back into vogue with a vengeance, with every name in American design and work-wear coming back to stake its claim on the landscape of hipness. Of course, being on the landscape of hipness means brands that were once priced for the working middle class experienced some serious inflation. But the level of craft involved may be worth it. Head to Sugarcube to experience the best of the best in these old names and the brands they inspire: the beautiful prints (and mind-blowing warmth) of Pendleton blankets; the canvas wallets by Dunderdon that withstand an almost cruel level of abuse by the human hand and the elements; and vintage Levi’s that put all other names in denim to shame. Trendy without being a slave to fashion’s changing winds, Sugarcube fills a void of classic, hearty American style. It helps that they always have incredible markdowns as well—for those of us who are still in that working class.”

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Examiner: Philadelphia

Pendleton’s New Collection Comes to Sugarcube

Pamela Dollak, Philadelphia Fashion Examiner
August 12, 2011

Pendleton, a traditional Pacific Northwest brand marinating in Americana, has a new line called The Portland Collection, made specifically for a younger and slightly hipper generation. And you can find it right here at Philadelphia’s too-cool-for-school Old City boutique Sugarcube.”

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Sugarcube Boutique in Old City Welcomes The Portland Collection

Allison Stadd, Editor
August 10, 2011

Vintage-meets-new boutique Sugarcube in Old City brought American heritage company Pendleton to the Philadelphia region back in 2007, and once again is proudly showcasing this internationally recognized line in its fall 2011 men’s and women’s collections.

You can browse all the holdings online, then get over to the brick-and-mortar boutique, located on the shop-packed stretch of 3rd Street.

“The bright red motorcycle parked near the cash register up front is a representative emblem of all the funky store stands for.”

Pairing perfect vintage with the latest distinctive urban styles, Sugarcube provides lovers of cutting-edge fashion with much to adore, every season of the year.”



The Globe and Mail

News from Canada and the World: Philly Fit for a Queen

Barbara Ramsay Orr, Travel Journalist
June 29, 2010

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in North America, known for its historic architecture, its museums, libraries and universities…

…SUGARCUBE, in the most historic part of Philly, is a fashion boutique that features in-demand labels and stylish vintage finds.”

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Daily Candy: 2006–2014

DailyCandy is dedicated to helping you live the sweet life. DailyCandy editors scour the corners of the U.S. and London to deliver the very best in style, food, fashion, and fun for free via e-mail, video, and the Web.


Store Adore

Coolest Store Award 2008

Store Adore Staff

Innovative new designers and unique vintage wares meet at SUGARCUBE, a rustic, industrial looking boutique in Old City. The only shop in Philly to stock edgy downtown labels like A.P.C., Doucette Duvall, Lyell and Bing Bang Jewelry, SUGARCUBE also plucks plum vintage pieces to complement the contemporary clothing—and the 70’s heel and boot collection can’t be beat.”


New York Post

Philly is Fabulous

Danica Lo, Fashion Columnist
November 27, 2007

Vast, APC-like space stocked with vast amounts of APC and aesthetically related labels like Doucette, Saja and A. Kurtz for men and women. For second-hand lovers who aren’t as svelte as ladies from back in the day, SUGARCUBE boasts a brilliant rail of excellent vintage finds in, surprisingly, larger sizes …

Just an hour and a half south away via earth-friendly Amtrak (or $20 round-trip on the Chinatown bus), Philadelphia – a quicker trip from Midtown than some points within the five boroughs – is a retail-tax-haven treasure trove of trendy fashions, accessories and gifts…”

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Travel + Leisure

Shopping Philadelphia’s 3rd Street

Pavia Rosati, Founder/CEO, Fathom
October 2007

The demand for vintage clothing from this boutique (which stocks new pieces, too) has been so great that it just moved into a much larger space—to accommodate even more immaculate hand-me-downs. T+L Tip On the hunt for something specific? Owner Elisa B. can probably source it from her extensive network of vendors, as she did recently with a red silk 1950’s dress and a 1940’s crocodile bag.”

Travel + Leisure ➤


Girls Guide to City Life


March 4, 2006

Primarily housing upscale vintage pieces, tiny SUGARCUBE always carries a strong selection. With everything from jackets, pants and dresses, to shoes, handbags, and accessories, sometimes the hardest thing is just choosing which item I love the most. All well-preserved with a feminine flair, it’s nearly impossible to decipher which pieces are vintage versus new labels. Clearly, Sugarcube is discriminating (and fabulous) when it comes to choosing what they’ll sell.

SUGARCUBE offers more upscale vintage, but worth the price for essential, well-structured pieces to mix into your current wardrobe.

The store itself is minimal, showcasing the clothing beautifully. Light colored walls are lined with racks of perfectly hung special pieces, hardwood floors with a touch of industrial in the blackened racks, gun shaped flower vases and unique lighting fixtures. True to vintage clothing, there are touches of originality and unexpected blended within the space as well.

Besides all Sugarcube has to offer, with its endearing name, how can one not adore it?”


Around Philly

Newly Opened

AroundPhilly Staff
November 9, 2004

Flip open any fashion magazine, and you’ll see that a sophisticated, polished and ladylike look is back in a big way. But one Old City boutique takes this style to a new place with a gorgeous stock of vintage and new pieces housed in a ruggedly minimalist space that’s pure chic…”

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