Ace and Everett | Chrysler Building

Cody and Sage Disch:
Ace & Everett

Ace & Everett is an independent sock company from New York City. Crowd-funded in 2014, brothers Cody and Sage Disch design and produce the uncommon. Their defined approach is impeccable craft, minimalist style, structured comfort, and use of domestically grown organic Supima® cotton.
Asbury Park Leather Patch

Jimmy Hankins:
Asbury Park Clothing Company Jeans

Most brands create a jean and a fit and then go about figuring out who and what it represents. I’d like to say I had that all figured out before I stitched a jean but in actuality it was there all along… Asbury was just waiting for someone to bring it to life as a denim brand.
Silverspace for Sugarcube

Asimina Chremos:
Fiber Art

In both cases, I’m using my body as the fundamental tool, along with my consciousness, imagination and residue of previous experiences. Then I just go from there, either manipulating the hook and thread with my hands (crochet) or just moving my body in space (dance).

Nick Brown:
Soludos Espadrilles

My favorite times of the summer normally involve a few friends gathered over a few casual drinks on a lazy summers afternoon, so I wanted to try to capture that feeling in a name and to give a nod to the Spanish heritage of espadrilles…
Ackime Snow Copyright 2012_Maurice Malone for Sugarcube_post

Maurice Malone:
Williamsburg Garment Company Jeans

For as long as I can remember, people have said the denim market is over saturated. To me, it’s not that it’s over saturated, it’s just lacking new ideas, strategies, and purpose…
Sugarcube interview with Loren Cronk post

Loren Cronk:

I really think of BLKSMTH as an old workwear brand that is modern. That’s my mindset when designing into it. I strive to make it work today with styling details and fit…

EastWest Bottlers:
Speakeasy Perfume, Moonshine Cologne, Bluegrass Cologne

When I think of Moonshine, everything from the packaging to the scent, it reminds me of rummaging through an old farmhouse and stumbling upon a hidden box, tucked away behind some old antiques…

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