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Testimonial / feedback

At Sugarcube we’re always listening, so please send comments, suggestions, and if you wish, words of encouragement. Thanks for your generosity and support.


Vendor relations

Please submit a brief introduction to your product, line, showroom or service below. Follow-up by sending printed PDF lookbooks or offset copies to our postal address. To arrange for an appointment with our buyer send us an e-mail. Sorry, no phone calls or unannounced arrivals. Our customers are grateful. We appreciate your interest.


Media & concierge relations

Editorials and travel guide inclusions are most welcomed. Timely fact checking via e-mail is encouraged over phone calls. Advanced notice is encouraged.


Film, tv and theater production

Wardrobe building is welcomed at Sugarcube. We’ll make your selection process unencumbered and smooth within your specific time frame. Off-hours tend to work best. Sugarcube honors confidentiality and non-disclosure from first contact.


Public figure

Sugarcube honors confidentiality and non-disclosure from first contact. Advanced notice is appreciated to arrange for special conditions.

Call us directly +1 (215) 238-0825



We always try our best to support good causes on the local level when we can but due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot accommodate all of them. If we are able to support your event, you will hear from us within two weeks. We appreciate your thinking of us for your charity or benefit.


Employment / internships

Currently we do not have any vacancies open at Sugarcube, but please do send a brief resume of retail experience to be considered for future roles.