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Coal Considered is a classically-inspired collection of headwear where no details is overlooked. Their Spring 2011 offerings introduce new innovative designs and even finer materials, from domestic summer weight wool felt, domestic eco-cotton and recycled pet yarn. READ MORE

Nautical-Nonsense and a newfound love for sailing are the inspirational imagery behind Christys’ new spring collection. The seaworthy stripes and cool ocean breeze hues don’t throw you overboard, but are perfect whether you plan on walking down the streets of a steamy Philadelphia or actually partake in stylish seafaring. READ MORE

Leather belts designed and fabricated for men and women by Beth Frank in Los Angeles. READ MORE

In summer: a scent to wear outdoors. Grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli and other wood oils round out this super fresh scent. Outscent™ blends well with other scents you might be wearing, especially jasmine or sandalwood. In winter: a scent to bring the outdoors in. READ MORE

Natural minerals and fossil formations captivate Ian Lander, serving as inspiration for his jewelry. These geode necklaces are intricate with crystal formations, color and texture. READ MORE

Introducing Ian Lander jewelry. This contemporary collection made in Philadelphia uses semiprecious stones and natural materials. Seen as both urban and ethnic each piece celebrates uniqueness.