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Sugarcube introduced Left on Houston to Philadelphia during 2010. Presented are choice offerings from their collection.


Having brought American heritage company Pendleton to the Philadelphia region back in 2007, Sugarcube now showcases this sophisticated and modern line for men and women.


HEATHER‘s unique use of customized heather fabrics, mixed and matched with a variety of other mediums such as woven silks, leather, micropoly chiffon, and high twist cottons, creates texture and depth in each and every piece. Crafted by hand, each garment maintains a clean, sophisticated and luxurious finish.


In a sea of luxury t-shirt lines, HEATHER has astutely and delicately formulated an ethos to set them apart. Each garment embodies dedication to quality and workmanship. READ MORE

Demylee sweaters and tops appeal to the downtown girl as well as those who want something classic. They are understated, elegant and modern. READ MORE

Julie Park clothing not only look great, they feel great on. They are perfect for today’s lifestyle where you can’t always tell where or with whom you might end up when you leave your house, but you can be confident you’re dressed for it. READ MORE