BREN is a high-quality American designed and produced line out of Los Angeles. Founded in 2010, this young creative endeavor by nearly inseparable twin sisters Brie and Jenny Maletz, speaks to lifestyle influences both sophisticated and casual.

The blend and even the juxtaposition of East Coast business savvy with the pace of sun-drenched Southern California, crosses an aesthetic divide. From clean-cut silhouettes, transformative constructions, and clever fabric combinations this is an utterly feminine collection. BREN is progressively contemporary, easy-going, yet confident –a union of opposite coastal sensibilities with a dash of international London flare.

Growing up, Brie and Jenny set the stage early for BREN’s acclaimed “Transformer Collection”. Like other young twins, identical gifts dressed their personalities. Differentiation of style was intuitively a creative must.

Reversible inside out, reversible front to back, or both are garment actions of their conceptualization. “Transformer Collection” is a continuation of ideals where seasons are extended, time flipped, and materials/textures swapped. From fall-to-summer, day-to-night, knit-to-woven, and sophisticated-to-sexy, each adaptive garment brings flexibility to a fashion world of diverse climates. In a single moment change is celebrated, wherever you are.