John J. Carlano | Untitled 2013, from Fallout series ( Coke )

Current Exhibition

John J. Carlano
Fallout Observations

Formal photographic image invention and notions of permanence

“In this particular group of images, I was fixed on my childhood fear of nuclear exchanges between the then USSR and the US. As a child I was taught to fear this possible event. My uncle built a fallout shelter…

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Jedediah Morfit | Mama's In The Arbor detail

Jedediah Morfit Sculpture

Ancient relief sculpture process draws on collective memories of art history, pop culture and current events.

This legless high-relief fencer, tethered to a late Gothic inspired arbor, is a protector, a cartoon defender of perceived civility. Mama’s In The Arbor is a glamorized heroine seen as both elegant and fierce, reaching beyond the roots of violence from which fencing grew as a sport.

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Annabelle Buck, Melting, paintings

Annabelle Buck Painting

Artist statement excerpt, winter 2015

I‘m interested in capturing small moments; a fading expression, quiet solitude, a daydream. Much of my work explores the struggle between the material world and the natural world, where patterns, colors, and botanicals play against each each other to create moody, yet vibrant environments.

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Nikolay Milushev, Virtual Millennium, X Wars

Nikolay Milushev Painting

Born in Haskovo, Nikolay Milushev is a Bulgarian artist whose complex paintings and drawings combine pop imagery and illustrative art with fanciful realism.

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Jack Gibbons Op Art

Jack Gibbons Painting

Jack Gibbons applies his propensity for three-dimensional thinking to this new body of paintings. Seen as both chaotic and precise, textured layers of under-painting and topical rich color mark these conceptual works.

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ROV someone knows

Nadine Rovner Prints

Artist statement excerpt, winter 2014

Rather than the harsh irony or hyperrealism that often characterize staged photography, Rovner’s images dwell in a hazy border between reality and memory, hinting at a hidden story, but revealing only fragments.

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Silverspace 01

Asimina Chremos Fiberart

Silverspace for Sugarcube is a line of hand-crocheted fiberart made especially for our shop by artist Asimina Chremos. These psychedelic doilies are meant to be placed on a table, desk, or other surface to beautify your home or workspace.

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Requiem, 2003 (detail) altered silver print John J Carlano

John J. Carlano Prints

Artist statement excerpt, fall 2010

There are objects that comfort us and in some cases can be seen as possessing great beauty, symbolic, nostalgic, aesthetic, and mysterious. Beauty is however subjective and fugitive.

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James Oliver Painting

Artist statement excerpt

Each decision and brush stoke is intentional and carefully calculated. I deliberately reject the common misconception that non-figurative art is necessarily all about chance and randomness, and strive to accurately replicate my mental image on the canvas.

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