Against Nudity Sunglass Collection JADE

Established 2010
Montréal Canada


Modern and minimalist fashion from Montréal with exquisite comfort and great versatility

The ethos of Against Nudity seizes the moment with caring lightheartedness.

Feminine yet minimal, Against Nudity’s chic contemporary designs emphasize craft and detailing. Whether you are wearing one of their signature dresses, tailored jackets or fashionable sunglasses, Against Nudity encourages you to embrace everyday as if it’s your first. “Remember your luck and grasp happiness when it’s right in front of you.”


The Sunglasses Collection


Childhood friends Louis Moreau and Thierry Charlebois conceptualize Against Nudity as a clothing brand with exceptional breadth. Their vision manifests an unconventional world of fashion, where prices are fair and individuality central. It’s an approach that thrives on Montreal’s creative exuberance and enthusiastically shared internationally.



Sugarcube is one of the first in the United States to support Against Nudity, presenting a fresh and thoughtful design approach for you, our customer.

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