Military-spec carryalls

Available at sugarcube: 124 N 3rd St; Old City; 215.238.0825

When the public gets its hands on military stuff, it’s generally been toned down, except for Sgt. Slaughter. That dude is cut! Bringing actually soldier-grade rucksacks to the civvy market, GoRuck.

Just now storming Old City, Ruck’s a new line of backpacks designed by a former Green Beret who, unable to find the unflappably rugged gear he was used to, sketched some rough designs on napkins and set out to make the most durable bags anywhere, field testing them by packing them with bricks and entering the borderline-psychotic Tough Mudder endurance run in the Poconos — proving that the bags can withstand mud, water, heat, and fire, although the jury’s out on heart, because no one invited the guy with the monkey…