LIPSTICK QUEEN | Medieval Tinted Treatment | $20

LIPSTICK QUEEN | Medieval Tinted Treatment | $20

Lipstick Queen is going back to Medieval times, when full coverage lipstick was considered a sin. Instead, women used lemons to stimulate the lips and stain them a see through blood red.

I have recreated this very sheer flattering look in one simple universal shade that suits every skin tone and is chic as it is comfortable. It doesn’t even look or feel like you are wearing lipstick. It looks like you naturally have gorgeous swollen cherry lips.

Medieval is also Vitamin E based for a luxurious feel with just a touch of pigment to create a purely sensual lip.

Do not adjust your goggles! This artwork is intentionally upside down to represent how topsy turvy the world has become. Every aspect of this illustration has an intriguing reference.

LIPSTICK QUEEN | Black Tie Optional | $18 | Sheer Seduction | $22

LIPSTICK QUEEN | Black Tie Optional | $18 | Sheer Seduction | $22

Straight from the boudoir to you. A sexy, sheer black gloss and lipstick. It does for your lips what sheer black stockings do for your legs… You won’t believe how gorgeous and flattering it is.

Think you can’t wear black without looking Gothic? NOT TRUE! My black lips are designed to be elegant on the lips… Yes… Elegant.

Here’s How

Think of this as sheer black underwear for your favorite lipstick. Apply it first and watch your lipsticks go sexy, smoky, gorgeous.

This is the BLACK CHERRY on top! This super sheer black gloss goes gorgeous BLACK CHERRY over your lipsticks or on your nude lips to add a sexy smoky shine.

Get it While you can!!! Limited Edition.